Warehouses and Presence: Delivery and Logistics

Based in Germany, METALPRODEX cooperates very closely with a network of warehouses at all major trade hubs globally. Metals can be traded through the warehouse closest to the end customer or simply through in-warehouse contracts, taking advantage of regionally developing price differences or logistics cost.

 Delivery and Logistics

Delivering metal into a METALPRODEX certified warehouse requires a number of considerations:

  • Warehouse Address
    Once the region has been selected where metal is to be bought or sold, a warehouse can be chosen. METALPRODEX offers trading at various warehouse locations. Please see the detailed list further below.

  • Warehouse Terms and Conditions
    All terms and conditions for deliveries, logistics and storage will be agreed upon directly between the certified warehouse and the customer. None of the fees related to deliveries in or out will be influenced by METALPRODEX in any way.

  • Documentation and Pre-Delivery Arrangements
    Each delivery requires a valid Certificate Of Analysis (COA) document to be handed to the warehouse upon arrival. The COA document must contain the following at the least:

    • COA - Certificate Number
    • Brand - Producer Name/Address
    • Product Name
    • Product Origin
    • Product Grade
    • Product Shape
    • Product Duty Code
    • Type and Weight of Packaging
    • Net and Gross Delivery Weight
    • Number of Packages
    • Heat Number Issued by Smelter
    • Package Dimensions
    • Colour Marking Declaration

    Any other arrangements prior delivery are to be made with the warehouse.

Please also refer to the Warehouse FAQ page and the Rules & Regulations pages for further information.

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Product Specification

The products traded on MTPX follow standard specifications. Download the product specifications here.


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