Warehouses and Presence: Admission

Based in Germany, METALPRODEX cooperates very closely with a network of warehouses at all major trade hubs globally. Metals can be traded through the warehouse closest to the end customer or simply through in-warehouse contracts, taking advantage of regionally developing price differences or logistics cost.

 Warehouse Admission

METALPRODEX warehouse admission standards have been established with focus on stability for all trading participants, security, location and capability of turning over required stock quantities. The following are an extract of criteria for warehouses to adhere to:


  • Metal Expertise
    The company must have an affiliation to the metal markets and sufficient expertise in metal storage and logistics.

  • Financial Stability
    The company must be financially sound and able to provide evidence upon request.

  • Insurance
    The warehouse company shall have adequate insurace in place to cover for loss, theft or any other circumstance that may inhibit orderly trading and delivery of goods.

  • Procedures and Quality
    The warehouse company shall have procedures in place that ensure a continually high quality of storage services. This includes both working and control procedures, to ISO standard or equivalent.

  • Technology/IT Connectivity
    The company shall have up to date technology and IT connectivity systems in place that allow for electronic transmission of information that are vital for online trading, such as deliver-in, movement of goods, placements of hold and others.

  • Customs License
    The company must be customs licensed in order to provide storage space within a free trade zone (FTZ) or a bonded warehouse location.

  • Fee Structure
    Fee structures need to be in place. These may be agreed directly between client and warehouse. Fees may be confidential and entirely at the discretion of the warehouse.


  • Metal Expertise
    The warehouse facility must have an affiliation to the metal markets and sufficient expertise in metal storage and logistics.

  • Ownership
    The warehouse facility should be owned by the company or be under a lease for a minimum of two years from the time of admission. Supporting evidence will be required as part of the warehouse admission process.

  • Infrastructure Connectivity
    The warehouse facility must be located in such place where infrastructure connectivity allows for delivery of goods by at least two of these modalities: rail, road and sea ways.
    Geographical proximity to the metal processing industry is beneficial but not an exclusion criteria.

  • Minimum Storage Space Requirements
    Storage space provided in individual warehouses must be sufficient to cover storage demand in each METALPRODEX trading location. This includes open and roofed storage areas.

  • Stock Turnover Capability
    The warehouse must be capable of handling the movement of stock volumes in line with METALPRODEX demand in each warehouse location.

  • Facility Security
    Sufficient security measures must be in place, such as secure perimeters, CCTV monitoring throughout the facility, secure locking mechanisms and access control.
    Furthermore the facility must be alarmed, regularly inspected in and outside of business hours and suitable emergency procedures must be in place.
    Loading and unloading must take place within the perimeter of the facility and not in any publicly accessible area.

The above is for general illustration only. For detailed admission rules please refer to the Rules & Regulations pages and download the Warehouse Admission document. Further information can also be found on the Warehouse FAQ.
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The products traded on MTPX follow standard specifications. Download the product specifications here.


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