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 Trading FAQ
  • Q: What is an Order?
    Once you have delivered metal into a certified warehouse you indicate on the MTPX trading platform that you would like to sell it. Determine the price and the volume of your trade and place the Order into the system. Your Order will be visible to other members. There are Sell Orders and Buy orders.
  • Q: How does METALPRODEX connect Sellers and Buyers?
    The process of connecting Sellers and Buyers is called Matching. METALPRODEX constantly searches all Orders and matches those that fulfill price and volume requirements of both Sellers and Buyers. A successful Match results in a binding contract between Seller and Buyer.
  • Q: What is the difference between an Open Order and a Working Order?
    A 'Open Order' has not been matched to any other Order in the system. It can be modified (price, volume, expiry date) or even deleted.
    A 'Working Order' has been matched to another Order in the system. It is part of a contract and can not be modified or deleted. A Working Order will change to a Closed Order once the trade has been settled.
  • Q: What is a Transaction?
    The matching of a Sell Order and a Buy Order results in a Transaction. A Transaction manifests the contract between Seller and Buyer. It is visible on the MTPX platform and holds attributes like Order IDs, Seller/Buyer contacts, Order price, Order volume and more.
  • Q: What contracts are traded on METALPRODEX?
    Currently METALPRODEX offers contracts for the Spot Market. After a successful match delivery and payment are expected within two trading days.
  • Q: How do I receive payment?
    Contracts are settled by direct payment between Buyer and Seller with immediate notification of the warehouse. Upon successful receipt of payment the warehouse will release the metal to the Buyer.
  • Q: What is a Conditional Release?
    Metal that is traded on METALPRODEX is subject to a hold, placed by the warehouse. The warehouse will lift this hold and release the metal to the buyer once payment has been received.
  • Q: What is a Market Order?
    Placing a Market Order means accepting another member's Buy or Sell offering exactly as it stands. The resulting Transaction (and therefore the contract) comes into effect immediately at exactly the price and volume of the Order that has been accepted.
  • Q: What is a Limit Order?
    Should the current price for a specific metal not be suitable you can place a Limit Order at a higher price (Seller) or at a lower price (Buyer) and wait for the market to move into the direction of your price. Your Limit Order will either be matched at a later point in time, or not at all if the market moves away from your price.
  • Q: What is a Partially Filled Order?
    When you place an Order you can decide if you accept that only parts of the volume offered are sold (or bought). The associated option in MTPX is called "AllOrNone".
    Example: You place an order over 50 lots. There is demand for 10 lots at your price on the market. If those 10 lots get sold immediately your order becomes a 'Partially Filled Order'. The Order will stay in the system and the remaining 40 lots may be matched at your price at a later point in time.
  • Q: What is the Market Price?
    The Market Price for a specific metal results from the latest contract that came into effect from a matching Order pair. The METALPRODEX Prices develop regionally, e.g. you may find that the Market Price for Aluminium in Rotterdam is different from the Market Price in Istanbul or Baltimore.
  • Q: What is the Market Depth?
    The MTPX PTA (Product Trading Area) always displays the best Sell and Buy price for each product. However 'behind' those Orders that offer the best price are other Orders queuing up. Usually their price is less attractive. To see the Market Depth means seeing those orders that are "next in line" behind the ones with the best price. The example PTA below shows a Market Depth of three Sell Orders and two Buy Orders with the best price at the top of the list.

  • Q: Can I trade products with both Duty Paid and Duty Unpaid?
    Yes. METALPRODEX offers to trade products that had their duty already paid as well as products that are not targeted for import and therefore duty payment is not required. The MTPX trading platform offers two prices for Duty Paid and Duty Unpaid products.
  • Q: What does Order Expiry mean?
    An order will have the status 'open' until it is matched against an opposite order at the same or better price. By default an order will expire after 90 days and assume the status 'deleted'. Optionally the trader may choose a later order expiry date incurring additional cost as per the METALPRODX Fee Structure. An expiry date before the default expiry is also optional.
  • Q: What does Arbitrage mean?
    Arbitrage is an expression for taking advantage of price differences for the same product in different markets. In Finance Arbitrage is often associated with Forex Trading, however the same principle applies to commodity markets. The METALPRODEX regional price discovery enables virtual Inter-Exchange Arbitrage trading strategies as well as Inter-Commodity strategies for metals with the same cash flow.
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  • Q: How do public holidays affect metal storage and trading?
    METALPRODEX trading hours do not include German and Dutch public holidays and weekends. Trading takes place during all other days even if there is a public holiday at a specific warehouse location.
    For a detailed schedule of trading days and non-trading days please visit the METALPRODEX Trading Calendar.
  • Q: How can I trade metal that is not listed on METALPRODEX?
    Please get in touch with us via phone or email and place your request directly with our Support Hotline. We are constantly extending our product list, chances are that we are already working on enabling your metal on the MTPX Trading Platform. For phone numbers and email addresses please refer to our our Help & Support page.
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