MTPX Trading Platform

 MTPX Trading Platform

Our state-of-the-art online platform MTPX is easy to use and has a modern web interface. It securely delivers real-time trades and market prices while members benefit from 24x7 market access and regional warehouse inventories.

 MTPX Features
Spot Markets

Regional Prices

Physical Delivery

Real-time Prices

Warehouse Inventory
Customisable Trade Screens

Multi-Display Support

Duty Paid & Duty Unpaid

Market Depth

Modern Web-based Interface

 MTPX Security


ALL INFORMATION is transmitted with industry strength Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. Members authenticate themselves with their assigned ID, password and an additional 2-factor RSA SecurID* password. All trading data is stored in a high security datacenter which is mirrored for business continuity.

* RSA SecureID is an EMC trademark.

SSL Encryption

2-Step Authentication

RAS Token Security

Role Based Authorisation
Secure Client Connectivity

Session Timeout

 MTPX User Experience
Multi-Display Support

Customisable Trade Screens

Trade Wall

Trade History
Order Book Excel Export

Order History Downloadable

Order PDF Export

Intuitive, easy to learn interface

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Support Contact

Germany: +49 (0) 341 4158 5000



Product Specification

The products traded on MTPX follow standard specifications. Download the product specifications here.


Get familiar with warehouse locations, admission standards and processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Metals FAQ

Trading FAQ

Membership FAQ


Warehouses FAQ