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  • Q: Is trading on MTPX secure?

    ALL INFORMATION is transmitted with industry strength Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. Members authenticate themselves with their ID, assigned password and an additional 2-factor RSA SecurID* password. All trading data is stored in a high security datacenter which is mirrored for business continuity.

    * RSA SecureID is an EMC trademark.

  • Q: What Software do I need to start trading?
    The MTPX trading platform is entirely accessed through Internet browsers. No additional software is needed, however there are some technical requirements to the client computer. Please refer to the Rules and Regulations page where the Technical Requirements document can be found.
  • Q: What is the MTPX Trading Wall?
    The MTPX Trading Wall enables the Trader or Trade Observer to get a comprehensive market overview by displaying prices and price changes for any number of products and trade locations.
    The Trading Wall is fully configurable with regards to products, locations, duty status and many other attributes.

  • Q: What is the MTPX Trading Area?
    The MTPX Trading area contains all tools needed for trading:
    • Order Book
    • PTA (Product Trade Area)
    • Product List
    • Product/Warehouse Filters
    • Price Charts
    • Warehouse Inventories
    • ... and many more.

    The Trading Area is fully configurable, there is no limit to how you place windows on your screen, align them to product groups or locations or even stretch your Trading Area across multiple displays.

  • Q: What is the MTPX Order Book?
    The MTPX Order Book is at the heart of all your trade operations. The Order Book is fully customisable, allowing you to either show all orders or use quick filters to swiftly zoom in your focus on orders with a particular state. Additionally an extremely granular filter enables search for orders by specific criteria like price range, product, warehouse and many others. If the comprehensive default settings are not sufficient even the way you view your order book can be altered by turning individual columns on or off.

  • Q: How can I place an order?
    An order can be placed by starting a Product Trading Area (PTA) from the Product List and clicking on SELL or BUY.

    The PTA is where Bid, Ask and Market prices are displayed in real-time.

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