Membership on METALPRODEX is a requirement to start trading. Our members fulfill highest admission standards on product quality, process certification and business conduct. Members benefit from 24x7 access to other members' buy and sell orders on our trading system MTPX. Members view real-time prices and access warehouse inventories at all major trade locations worldwide.

 Membership Benefits
24x7 Market Access
View other members' Buy and Sell orders online. Sell or buy your own stock instantly at current prices or place an order at a price that suits you.

Real-time prices
Observe price movements as they happen on the market. Know exactly when to adjust your orders in line with actual price developments.

Regional Trading
Trade your metal in different regions - at the price it's worth in each region! Take advantage of regional price differences, observe where demand and supply are developing and sell or buy with the highest possible trade margins.

Warehouse Inventory
Observe your existing stock levels worldwide - right on the MTPX trading platform and from the moment the metal enters or leaves a warehouse.

 How can I become a member?

You register by phone, by email or through our website.

We call you back, get to know you and help you open your account.

You receive your start-up package and MTPX secure access tokens.
 Other Benefits
In-Warehouse Trading

Warehouse Hold Protection

MTPX Online Platform

Online Billing


All-In Prices

Market Depth

Conditional Stock Release

Trade Match Notifications

METALPRODEX Trading Support

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Product Specification

The products traded on MTPX follow standard specifications. Download the product specifications here.


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