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 Metals FAQ

  • Q: Which metals are traded on METALPRODEX?
    Members trade the four base metals Aluminium, Copper, Lead and Zinc and their semi-finished products in various shapes and specifications. Currently the following metals can be traded:

    Primary Metals
    • Aluminium Ingots 99.7 - Symbol: ALI7
    • Aluminium Ingots 99.8 - Symbol: ALI8
    • Aluminium Ingots 99.85 - Symbol: ALI85
    • Aluminium T-bars 99.7 - Symbol: ALT7
    • Aluminium T-bars 99.8 - Symbol: ALT8
    • Aluminium T-bars 99.85 - Symbol: ALT85
    • Aluminium Sows 99.7 - Symbol: ALS7
    • Aluminium Sows 99.8 - Symbol: ALS8
    • Aluminium Sows 99.85 - Symbol: ALS85
    • Copper Cathodes 1 (99.99) - Symbol: CUC1
    • Lead Ingots 99.985 - Symbol: PBI985
    • Zinc Ingots HG - Symbol: ZNI-HG
    • Zinc Ingots SHG - Symbol: ZNI-SHG

    Semi-finished Products
    • Aluminium Billets 6" 6060 - Symbol: ALB6-60
    • Aluminium Billets 6" 6063 - Symbol: ALB6-63
    • Aluminium Billets 7" 6060 - Symbol: ALB7-60
    • Aluminium Billets 7" 6063 - Symbol: ALB7-63
    • Aluminium Billets 8" 6060 - Symbol: ALB8-60
    • Aluminium Billets 8" 6063 - Symbol: ALB8-63
    • Aluminium Wire Rod 9.5 H11 - Symbol: ALW95.5H11

    Please refer to the individual Product Specifications on the Rules and Regulations page.
  • Q: What are product symbols for metals?
    A product symbol is a short form to describe a particular metal traded on METALPRODEX. Generally the symbol contains references to the metal, its shape and its quality.

    Example: ALI7

    Current Symbols used on METALPRODEX:

    ALI7 - Aluminium Ingots 99.7
    ALI8 - Aluminium Ingots 99.8
    ALI85 - Aluminium Ingots 99.85
    ALT7 - Aluminium T-bars 99.7
    ALT8 - Aluminium T-bars 99.7
    ALT85 - Aluminium T-bars 99.7
    ALS7 - Aluminium Sows 99.7
    ALS7 - Aluminium Sows 99.8
    ALS7 - Aluminium Sows 99.85
    CUC1 - Copper Cathodes 1 (99.99)
    PBI985 - Lead Ingots 99.985
    ZNI-HG - Zinc Ingots High Grade
    ZNI-SHG - Zinc Ingots Special High Grade
    ALB6-60 - Aluminium Billets 6" 6060
    ALB6-63 - Aluminium Billets 6" 6063
    ALB7-60 - Aluminium Billets 7" 6060
    ALB7-63 - Aluminium Billets 7" 6063
    ALB8-60 - Aluminium Billets 8" 6060
    ALB8-63 - Aluminium Billets 8" 6063
    ALW9.5H11 - Aluminium Wire Rod 9.5 H117

  • Q: What is a chemical composition?
    Metals are classified by quality attributes, in particular by chemical composition where the percentage of pure base metal is considered against the percentag of impurities.


    Zinc Ingots SHG

    Zn - 99.995%

    Pb - max 0.003
    Cd - max 0.002
    Fe - max 0.001
    Sn - max 0.001
    Cu - max 0.001
    Al - max 0.001
  • Q: To what standards are metals produced?
    Metals traded on METALPRODEX are produced to various standards describing the same chemical composition.


    ALI7 - Aluminium Ingots 99.7

    Primary Aluminium Ingots with a minimum Aluminium content of 99,70%, produced according to one of the following standards:

    • (1) DIN EN 576:2003, impurities no greater than described in P1020A
    • (2) GOST 11069-2001 (designation A7Э)
    • (3) GB/T 1196-2008 (designation Al99.70)

    DIN - Deutsches Institut für Normung
    GOST - Russian Gosudarstvennyy Standart (ГОСТ - государственный стандарт)
    GB/T - Chinese Guobiao Recommended Standard (国标 推荐)

    Please refer to the individual Product Specifications on the Rules and Regulations page.
  • Q: Can primary metals be traded on METALPRODEX?
    On METALRODEX the following four primary metals can be traded:


    Please refer to the individual Product Specifications on the Rules and Regulations page.
  • Q: Can semi-finished metals be traded on METALPRODEX?
    Yes, semi-finished metal products can be traded on METALPRODEX, currently we offer markets for:

    Wire Rods

    Please refer to the individual Product Specifications on the Rules and Regulations page.
  • Q: Can I see my metal in the MTPX Warehouse Inventory?
    As soon as metal is delivered into a METALPRODEX certified warehouse and the METALPRODEX Hold Request has been processed, the stock will be visible in the MTPX Warehouse Inventory and can be traded immediately.
  • Q: How can I trade metal that is not listed on METALPRODEX?
    Please get in touch with us via phone or email and place your request directly with our Support Hotline. We are constantly extending our product list, chances are that we are already working on enabling your metal on the MTPX Trading Platform. For phone numbers and email addresses please refer to our our Help & Support page.
  • Q: What is the minimum amount of metal that can be traded?
    The minimum amount of metal that can be traded on METALPRODEX is one lot. One lot is equal to 25 metric tons. One metric ton equals to 1000 kilogramms.

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