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METALPRODEX is the global market place for the metal trading industry. Sellers and buyers trade metal that is already stored or deliver new stock to one of the METALPRODEX certified warehouses. Members have 24x7 access to the market using our state-of-the art trading platform MTPX. Prices are discovered in real-time directly from the physical trade of semi-finished and primary metal products. METALPRODEX supports physical metal trading at all major trade locations. As members take advantage of our extensive network of warehouses, prices develop regionally and reflect regional supply and demand.

METALPRODEX members trade semi-finished and primary Aluminium, Lead, Copper and Zinc products. Product specifications follow established standards at all trade locations globally. Learn more ...
Our state-of-the-art online trading platform MTPX is easy to use. It delivers real-time trades and market prices while members benefit from 24x7 market access and warehouse inventories. All that is needed is a web browser and an internet connection. Log in and trade. Learn more ...
Warehouses and Presence
A global network of warehouses supports regional trade of physical metal. Prices are discovered regionally - right where the metal is traded. METALPRODEX warehouses adhere to highest admission standards for reliable storage as well as in-warehouse trading. Learn more ...
Rules and Regulations
METALPRODEX provides a market place where orderly trading takes place within a clear framework of rules and regulations. METALPRODEX continuously carries out compliance monitoring to ensure a stable and transparent market. Learn more ...
Help and Support
METALPRODEX are here to offer help and support when needed via phone, email or our website. Learn more ...
About Us
Who are we? What drives us? Find out about our mission statement, our corporate values, contact information and business continuity. Learn more ...
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Product Specification

The products traded on MTPX follow standard specifications. Download the product specifications here.


Get familiar with warehouse locations, admission standards and processes.